Season 2


Following on their successful shipping adventure the crew of the Rival Bay is approached by an unsavory businessman to try another kind of shipping: narcotics. Crimson’s disgust turns sour when the cops tell her to take the job…

Follow the crew as they wade through the intricacies of intergalactic law enforcement, sensor nets, and dangerous players, all the while trying to find out if their own moral compass still points to the proverbial north.

Episode 1: Drug Runners

Episode 2: Bait and Switch

Episode 3: Fishing for Trouble

Episode 4: Occupational Hazard

Episode 5: For The Cause

Episode 6: Wool

Episode 7: Drink or Drive

Episode 8: A Crazy Plan

Episode 9: Trajectory

Episode 10: Death House

Episode 11: Countdown

Episode 12: Maneuver Me This

Episode 13: Cops and Robbers

Episode 14: Discoveries

Episode 15: Customs and Contraband

Episode 16: Survivors

Episode 17: Ace

Episode 18: Snack Attack

Episode 19: It’s a Date Then

Episode 20: Wanted. Reward

Episode 21: Clean-up Crew

More episodes coming soon…